Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What does this mean?

Bozeman is like the Berkley, CA of Montana. There are medical professionals, outfitters and college-folk.   People wear sandals rain or snow. Dreadlocks and tie-dye are somewhat popular. Eco-anything rules.When you pull up to the Co-Op there are huge signs asking, "Did you remember to bring your bags?".  Even the local Town and Country grocery will even put your groceries in a box instead of - "gasp!", a PLASTIC bag. I live in a suburb of Bozeman, so within a few miles of our home things are more "corporate" when it comes to shopping. Still, I find these to be endearing qualities of the most amazing city and do my best to roll with it.

Bozeman is also a pedestrian town. Bike, hike, walk, longboard, anything with wheels and no gas is king. I've even seen this a few times...

So, now you have an idea what the locals are like - can anyone tell me just what THIS is supposed to mean? It's right by the college.....
To make it more confusing - across the street (lower right of the pict) the arrows are placed 10 feet prior to the intersection. I'm thinking, "Does this mean if you plan to get hit by a car - by all means do it where the paramedics won't get smucked too?"  Any guesses??


  1. I'd fail that on a driving exam. Can't wait to find out what it means . . .

  2. Okay, so I'm not the only one confused here! On my way home today I saw TWO sets of skidmarks right there!!!