Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wisdom between the slices....

Around the age of 5 1/2 I encourage my sons to start learning to make sandwiches. We go through a season of gloppy messes and crumbs everywhere until eventually they get the hang of it. Once they are part way through first grade I start having them make their own sandwich and pack their own lunch. I don't just make them dig through the cabinets until they find something edible, but leave them a bucket of options and coach them along until it's done. If we are in a time crunch I may just jump in, pack it and get them out the door.
Sometimes I feel a little bad for not pampering them a little before they leave for the day, I mean, what if it's the last time I see them? But then again, if I'm sick or unavailable I can rest easy that they know what to do and won't starve. I imagine if I always did it for them I'd have a 17 year old showing up at school one day, without lunch money,  bugging everyone for a bite of their lunch because his mommy didn't fill his lunch box that morning.....

One of my older sons, Dustin, was commenting yesterday that his friend was complaining that he didn't like what his mom had packed him that day and Dustin replied, "Well why don't you pack your OWN lunch?!"   That's my boy!


  1. I do pack my son's lunches but they have to tell me in the morning if they want hot or cold lunch. If they don't tell me they have to have hot. I always was excited to do this and when my older son got into the middle of first grade he decided he only wanted hot lunch. It broke my heart a little. Now we do a combo of both!

  2. Hi Jana! It must be a mothering thing, that little spark in their eye we see when they feel loved as we are handing over the perfect lunch. I totally get it. But then there's the whole teach em' thing. I would miss the lunch routine if they went 100% hot lunch. Maybe they should give you a turn one day a week to "circle" the lunch menu when you will pack lunch, hehe!

  3. If I tell Z to make his own toast in the morning, he actually whines: "But you always make it better, Mom." Is that a compliment or manipulation?