Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Firelight by Sophie Jordan book review

This is the book I could NOT put down!  Sophie Jordan tells the tale of Jacinda, a beautiful dragon in human form, and her conflicted life. Jacinda wants to be free to fly in her Draki form, but brings trouble to her pride when she does. Her risk allows hunters to discover her, bringing them too close to the pride's home. Because of the punishment that awaits her, her mother whisks her and her sister away to live in the desert, a location that will wither and kill her inner Draki self. Jacinda is immediately thrown into a constant struggle with her powerful inner instincts being smothered, her desire to make her mother and sister happy, and her newfound love.  Soon after, Cassian, the mate chosen for her by her pride, finds her and forces her to choose between human life and Draki life, and untimately between her new love, Will, and him.

Sophie Jordan is now on my list for favorite authors. I learned of her new release, Firelight, from Book Crazy's book review blog and am forever grateful!  The number one thing Sophie Jordan did to make this book irresistable was write it so that the reader IS the character. You have to sample it to see what I mean. Here's an excerpt:
"Is it in there?"  I'm it. I bristle, skin contracting, quivering like the plucked bow of a violin.  My wings start to vibrate with hot emotion, shooting lancing pain through the injured membrane and deep into my back.  I wince, forcing myself to relax.   He swims closer.  Smoke puffls from my nose.  I don't want it to happen.  It just...does.  I usually have more power over it, but fear robs me of my control. Draki instincts take over.  My heart pounds in my chest as he draws closer.  I know the precise moment he sees me.  He freezes, stills in the water, sinking low, his lips brushing the waterline.  We stare at each other.   It will happen now.  He will call the others.  They will swarm on me like hungry predators.  Remembering Dad, I try not to shake.  I'm sure he didn't tremble, didn't cower at the end.  And I have something, a defense Dad didn't have.  Fire.
This story wraps family loyaly, self-preservation, and smoldering romance all between pages 1 and 326. The characters draw you right into what they are thinking and feeling. Immediately you will love them, each with their own faults and good hearts. The only drawback (and plus) is that it's a trilogy. The end is a cliffhanger! Ack! She got me!  You have got to see the trailer for this. Also if you like her book, she writes paranormal romances under the name Sharie Kohler.

For Book Trailer and Sophie Jordan's website: click here


  1. Your list is growing and I can't keep up. Thanks for the enabling alert. Now I want to get this book to add to the stack of "Well, maybe someday I will get to read" books.

  2. That's what book lovers call the "To Be Read" pile or their TBR!