Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We interrupt this Brit-Lit tour to review: Timepiece by Myra McEntire

 Book Two in the Hourglass Series          

 Just a recap - I LOVED Hourglass (Review here). Michael and Emerson won me over with their sparks and time travel. The book was a breath-holding adventure that played out like Pittacus Lore's I Am Number Four

This sequel embraced a completely opposite perspective - Kaleb's. Although Michael is his lifelong best friend, he can't help how much he loves Emerson, especially since he used his ability to help her during her darkest moment. 
     SCREECH! Into Kaleb's life walks Lily (Tiger-Lily that is!). 
     The time-rips are getting worse as the results of their interference with the time-space continuum is coming back at them. The evil Landers, who they thought was trapped in time, has been haunting them with gruesome attacks on the team. Can they find Landers and reverse the effects? Time is running out......

     We must talk about Kaleb - I just couldn't feel the love for his perspective. I did love how his character grew, but his constant hormone-charged train of thought caused me to eye-roll too many times. Maybe guys think that way, but in their circumstances, I reallybelieve he could have kept his focus a little more. Still, I loved how he developed from a world-class jerk to a man of intense compassion.
    That being said, time-space continuum stories are my "squirrels". They draw my attention like something shiiiinyyyy. I love the idea of making one small change for a happy ending, but everyone knows that no one can stop with just one change....  then it all breaks loose.  In this second book, it was difficult to follow the time travel because it relied so heavily on events in Hourglass and I can't understand why the actual timepiece was only important for half of the story. I recommend reading them close together. She does drop a huge hint that the most critical and fascinating piece is coming in book three, Infinityglass.
     I can't wait for the August 6th release of the third installment of the Hourglass series -

I give Timepiece Photobucketfour stars!



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