Monday, June 25, 2012

Mom Monday - When it's REALLY time to head to Barnes & Noble

Some sort of force draws me in...Must be in the  Paranormal  section!
     I will find any excuse to go to the bookstore. ......Hey we're at the movies, let's park so we have to walk through Barnes and Noble to get to the theater......Or it used to be the boys making me go to Gamestop was my excuse to go next door and hang out in Borders.  Is there ever a time when you really NEED to go to the bookstore?  I say this qualifies.....

     After a movie-marathon Thursday, Friday brings about a bored 9 year old. I suggest, "Why don't you get a book and read?" Which is a typical mom-stand-by boredom buster that is usually met with, "But, Moo-oom, I don't want to."  Instead, I was blown away again by his reply, 
"But, I've already read all those - see, I've read this one and that one and this one..."

     Proud moment, definitely!  Qualified for a trip to Barnes and Noble? Most Definitely!


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