Friday, June 1, 2012

Getting this train back on its track....

     I feel a bit derailed by the last few weeks of events and can't wait to get back to blogging about reading (Shatter Me), blogging about writing (and the creativity involved) and blogging about raising those boys (school, summer, growing up)!

     We've had three concerts, 20 baseball games, one 8th grade promotion (which by the way is a MAJOR event in our town), drivers' training parent meeting, sports meeting, phone conferences with teacher, sick kids, 38 hour work-weeks, a four-day family event sandwiched by two weekend visitors and one more that I can't wait for on Saturday - and on top of that has been summer courses, which are nothing like I expected. 
     Not knowing that each 6 week course is all-consuming 20 hours a week plus weekends, I ended up dropping the statistics class until spring and sticking with my Exceptional Students class, which is so interesting and useful and sent me out into the classroom to observe some amazing teachers and paraprofessionals helping students be the best they can be.

     Congratulations to my son, Josh for graduation 8th grade - with honors! And congratulations to all the students that were chosen for my favorite award - the Idol - for modeling their school's values. 

     Here's to getting back on track next week! I'm still dying to talk about creativity and how IT gets derailed.....and about TED.....and about Mockingjay.....and about Mother's Day.....and......and....
Russian Jet Train


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