Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meet me at the Louvre in five!

     Some people have the privilege of travelling the world, others find careers that allow for them to get there and sneak off for a little exploration and then there are people like me who find that the county line is as far as I'm able to travel until my children are all old enough to vote.

      I guess that's what's so great about reading - it takes you there.

     But still, there's the element of being somewhere and taking in all there is to see in relation to everything around it, it's placement, the lighting. Looking at a masterpiece painting is pretty cool on a laptop - you can zoom in, zoom out, take your time without someone waiting for you to get out of the way. But even better is looking at a Monet in its placement - seeing the room it's in, the lighting, the paintings chosen next to it, feeling the distance intended for optimal viewing by the placement of the bench to sit on.  Enter.....

And you just might run into me somewhere in a museum looking like this:



  1. Darn, I sooo have the travel bug and don't know when I'll ever do anything more than visit grandma and grandpa. :(