Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Review: Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn

     I have to say it right from the start - beginning with chapter one of Open Minds, Susan Kaye Quinn blew my mind wide-open!  The very beginning, her main character, Kira, has a point of view rarely seen in YA Paranormal. She's the one without the power. Even her best friend, Rafael, went through the change and can read minds, except hers. Kira's narration takes you through the grueling experience of trying to get through a day in high school where everyone else can read minds. Imagine not having a single private thought during your teens. No way to filter.....

     That is, until she meets Simon, who helps her realize how special she is.

     Soon after, Open Minds, takes a 180 twist, sending Kira on a tumultuous action-adventure with a heavy dose of paranormal powers.  Due to circumstances out of her control, she turns away from those closest to her in order to protect them all. She can't even share her most life-changing secret with those close to her because it could get them killed. She's never been so alone in her life - never been felt so betrayed.  Kira goes from being an insecure, powerless teenager to a Chuck-Norris level hero with her clever plans to rescue the youngest victims of a government conspiracy. Kira uses her uniqueness to her advantage, as well as her own intellect - and that's what I love about her most.

     Open Minds forces the reader to open their eyes and look around them and imagine the opposite. What if I was the opposite of who I am now, how would I live my life? What challenges would I face? Susan Kaye Quinn answers those questions for Kira in her non-stop action-packed paranormal-edge-of-my-seat thriller. I could not put this one down until I finished it. Praise is due for her uniqueness in Mindjack slang and in her portrayal of the value of family unit. And to tie a bow on it, she give a most satisfying ending, leaving you ready for book two of the Mindjack Trilogy.

     However, the title of book two has me worried - Closed Hearts. What could that mean? Emotional detachment? or has she cooked up a superpower that messes with emotions? Can't wait to find out!

I give Open Minds Photobucket 5 stars!

If you are a Kindle reader - you are in for a treat. Open Minds is available at for $2.99. Also visit Susan at


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