Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book Review: Possession by Elana Johnson

     If you thought Cassia in Matched was a good girl-gone bad, wait until you meet Vi in Elana Johnson's dystopian novel Possession! In fact, she's a bit on the snarky side so it took me awhile to truly like her. I had a hard time with her tendency to disconnect from people until I got to know her family and then it all came together for me.
     Vi comes from the Goodgrounds - where people do what they are supposed to. No one ever breaks the rules or fails to listen to their government. Especially girls, that is, until Vi sneaks out to see Zenn one too many times......
     Suddenly Vi finds herself abandoned by the Goodies and awaiting her trial and exile to the Badlands. But is it really so Bad? How could it be if Jag was from there - he was only a little bit bad. It's not like he was trying to control her or anything....or was he? Or were they?
     Elana Johnson possesses the reader with her unique conversational writing and pulls the reader right into their incredible adventure. She makes you feel like you are besties with Vi and tagging right along with her.  She makes you fall in love with both Zenn and Jag, making it impossible to choose. Possession is an extraordinary adventure filled with supernatural abilities (my favorite!),  futuristic technology, and old fashioned honor. Not to be overshadowed by all that amazingness, Elana shares a selfless long-suffering love story.
     I can't wait for the sequel, Surrender, to be released in June!

I give Possession Photobucket 5 stars!

Check out Elana Johnson's Possession webpage for a free excerpt download and find her book (discounted!) at


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