Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alternative Careers for TSA agents.....

.......Special Collections Librarians! The first time I had a Library tour at the college, I was entirely curious just what was behind that secure door? It's tucked away like a secret access, upstairs flat against a wall that is blocked from view. I mean, you have to have a code or be buzzed in. Twice now I've had to use a newly released book in the Special Collections room. I think this particular book is really there so that the class has access to it without taking it home.   So I go in there, sign the register, sign the paper requesting the  book I need and wait. I noticed that the books are behind two layers of glass and room looks like the librarian has the "big desk" and the students sit at tables like kindergarteners - closest to the librarian so they can keep an eye on you. Don't make the mistake of using a pen to take notes - they will be on you like stink on a sweatsock!  Don't dare put your backpack within 5 feet of where you are sitting either - apparently it goes to backpack jail until you are done. 

A little evil part of me wants to sit in there and let my hand hover over a pen every five minutes or so....or maybe I could ask for pieces of the collection starting with the call number 1.0 , 1.001, 1.002....etc., a little each day place my backpack closer and closer - maybe leave all the zippers undone with gaping sections looking like they are ready to swallow their treasures. 

I know, I'm supposed to be on their side - I am studying to be a librarian after all, but I think I need a little more convincing before I'm sure they really DO want to share their books!


  1. You are a hoot! I love how you look at things from all angles. Just be prepared if you ever do act on any of these impulses, you will have to tell your kids why YOU went to the principles office!