Friday, November 19, 2010

Grown-Up Luncheables

Lately I've been eating a lot of sausage and crackers with Wasabi and sharing with my littlest sons at lunch. It occurred to me that they should make a Luncheable for grown-ups. I mean we can't always afford to eat at restaurants at lunch but sometimes baloney and crackers just doesn't cut it. It reminded me of a day I was working in the meat deli when a man in motorcycle gear walked up with a bottle of wine and ordered several thick slices of salami and our best cheese cut thick. He was out for a ride with his sweety. I was standing there with my plastic meat-juice covered gloves and hairnet jealously imagining them riding off up a mountain road picking out the perfect spot by the creek.......(sigh) back to meat slicing.....

So why can't we be spontaneous and mature in our tastes? Why can't we plunk down $2.99 and walk away with a plastic-wrapped container of Lavash Crackers, proscuitto, brie cheese and sliced apples?  Or better yet - the double serving Date Pack?  Two sets of crackers, fine meats and cheeses and grapes?  Just sayin'........


  1. I'll buy 'em! I've gone on byo brown bag lunch field trips with the kids and settled for a Lunchable myself. I like your idea.

  2. That sounds perfect to me! And I'm really never shy about acting like a kid. I guess it shows too. :)