Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What (not) to teach a carload of boys.....


In an effort to lighten up the mood in the van, we allowed a popular game this summer - Slugbug.
In case you don't know this game, the rules are this:
Rule 1  - spot a Volkswagon Beetle 
Rule 2 - lightly slug the nearest person in the shoulder and say "SLUGBUG" 
Rule 3 - only the first one calls it 
Rule 5 - anyone hitting hard, slapping or double-tagging ends the game until the good mood returns
Rule 4 - Mom makes all the rules to Slugbug

I even go as far as to stop at a corner and text my husband "SLUGBUG" when we are riding in separate cars. He called me the other day while driving down the highway and said, "I just passed a car-hauler loaded with VW Bugs, can you imagine our van full of boys if they saw that?"

Now, if you want to play "Slugbug-extreme" with your 12 year old, you let Dad sit behind him in the van and let on that he's scoping for bugs. He can't escape and Dad's fully focused - not  driving as usual. To top it off, all Dad has to do is yell "Slugbug" at any random moment and 12 year old comes out of his seat so fast he engages the seatbelt lock!  Hilarious! (by the way 12 year old ate up all the attention)

We used to have a 66 bug before the boys came along. I loved that car and vow that one day when I don't need room for 6 I'll have another.  I can't wait to drive around scoping out minivans full of kids doing the "Slugbug"!


  1. Here's another one: My oldest son taught it to me. If someone burps everyone has to yell out a color. You can't yell the same color as someone else and the last one to yell out a color gets punched. I told him I thought it was stupid and he said it was a blast to play in a car full of boys. I told him that an "excuse me" is what I want to hear when he burps!

  2. Ha! We did that as kids, only we'd say "punch buggie" and really punch each other good in the arm. LOL

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  4. Color burp? Too funny! However, I'd rather they played that when I'm not in the car. Jennifer, I'll be looking for you on the road someday when I get my bug......

  5. LOL, this brought back memories of when we moved to California from Illinois. Our kids were slug bugging it all over the freeways. Why do they never get tired of that stupid game?

  6. Bugs are so cute! We have not played slugbug, but we do play I spy with my little eye!That pink bug is so super cute! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen