Thursday, July 8, 2010

Garden Formula

8 parts dirt + 6boys+6shovels+12scoops Breyers Reeses Cup Ice Cream = 1 new garden!

In an effort to keep the boys from fighting, Grandma and I are cooking up projects to keep them busy. One long awaited project was the garden. The border has been stacked in a pile since last summer and now that it stopped raining and Dad was off work, it finally came together. We made it a family and friend affair, Grandpa driving the mower and dump trailer, all the boys spreading the dirt, me and Dad shovelling it out of the pick up into the dump and even invited the neighbor boys over to spread dirt. It took allllll day. We finished it off by having each boy plant a row of seeds that they are in charge of. The next day each boy added more seeds and a few plants.  It was so interesting seeing which boy would take to gardening the most. Hopfully they will be eager to keep "their" rows of lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, strawberries and carrots free of weeds!


  1. That is alotta work, but it will be worth it. Parker and Bridger actually eat the crook neck squash we harvest daily. They planted them and kept up the watering with Michael and they are very proud. Good job Sloan Family and good luck!

  2. The lettuce already sprouted! I hope that means they'll actually eat it too!