Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Van

This is called "Happy Van"
 Then this van is aptly named "Occasionally Unhappy Van"
I refuse to ride in "Occasionally Unhappy Van" any more. From now on I'm going to ride in the orange and white van that's full of sugary-sweet gumballs. No more riding in the red van full of bickering boys. It is incredibly difficult to discipline the back-row riders as they are picking on the middle-row riders and vice/versa. And if I can't ride in the happy van then I'm determined to buy a limo, put them all in the back and I'll sit up front with my husband driving, smiling as I push the button that raises the sound-proof dividing window.


  1. Well now you have 34 followers! Thanks for coming over getrealmama today. I promise to be a good follower too. I love this post in particular. I want me a happy Rav 4. Do they have one of those?

  2. Hi Leah - I really enjoy your blog (God Bless ya...4 BOYS!). I just gave you 2 awards (Yes...TWO!) You can pick them up at (hope you enjoy my blog when you're there). Regards, Sarah

  3. Two? I'm so blessed! I can't wait to pick them up! I feel a slideshow in the works!

  4. Too cute! (and that little Happy Van is just too darling!)