Friday, July 9, 2010

It's official..

I am now the mother of a TEENAGER!  Take that all you paranormal book characters - nothing could be as freaky as a brand-spankin'-new teenager. Dragons fear them, vampires shirk away, werewolves turn tail and run. I cast off my garlic necklace and hide behind my boy/man.
Happy 13th Birthday Josh!


  1. Scary stuff. :)

    Happy birthday to Josh!!

  2. Congratulations Leah! Welcome to the motherhood of teenage boys - a world all on it's own. Grab your tea, pull up your bootstraps, and jump on - then hang on for the ride! You may spill your tea a bit, so make sure you have plenty!
    There will be fun times and trying times, and you will learn to trust God with your (once little) bundle of joy more and more each day. You're in for a great ride!

    Separately, I'm sorry we weren't able to stop by, it was a whiz bang semi-spontaneous trip and we were in a hurry to get there and back! There will be more trips to Montana - I'd love to try and connect again!

  3. Oh Happy Birthday to you Josh! My oldest is named Joshua as well. How scary though, that you have entered the teenage years. My skin crawls just thinking about it. :)

  4. I hear the old Twilight Zone music ringing in my head. Happy Birthday Josh, from all of us in Sac.

  5. I think we have way too much in common. I am also a Momma of four boys and my biggest who just turned 15, we went and got his PERMIT today, yikes!!! Can't wait to read more....

  6. Hi Robin! I hope I can stay as positive as you these next few years. Maybe I'll just keep numbing his mind with video games!

    Hi Marlece - welcome! Do you have a blog?