Friday, July 30, 2010

Reality Figurines - Breaking the Mold This Time!

(sigh) I just love this Willow Creek figurine. The way you have to imagine her expression, the way she has her arm loosely draped around her son. He looks so sweet, standing there willingly in her gentle embrace.

Is that why she's been broken three times?  Why not the other two figurines - the angel and the married couple? Is it a subliminal message from the boys that they will NOT be TAMED?   First my sweet little 2 year old nephew got a hold of it. I thought it was really made of wood and let him carry it to his mom and let her talk him into giving it up. Little did I know when she told him to give it to her he would do the ol' "bolt-run-throw" routine in the tile-floored bathroom - "CRASH" and smitherines she went. I didn't get worked up. After all, I thought it was indestructible in the first place.

So my sweet sister sent me a new one and I took her picture before anything happened to her again (pict above).

And what happened to her? HMMMMM?  One or two of the boys were rough-housing with the dog in my bedroom and knocked her off her spot on the windowsill and now she looks like this.....

So I super-glued her back together and swore that if anyone ever decapitates her again, I'm going to break off her arm and glue it back around the little statue boys neck!

Alas, one windy day the blinds knocked her off the windowsill again. And even though the boys didn't do it, I put her back together in a way that truly reflects her emotions.....


  1. I am cracking up...yes, I think there is some true symbolism going on there. :)

    I'm so glad you stopped by today! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Big Fat Mama

  2. Hilarious, Leah! They should hire you to create a new line of Willow Tree figurines ---Evil Tree?