Thursday, July 1, 2010

Growing up with Granny....

We lived in the same city as my sons'  grandparents up until three years ago. Their grandma is the queen of garage sales. She loves to find things that are "bargains", " treasures", and generally any pitiful material item that looks lonely and in need of a home.  Truthfully, I think she just enjoys the chit-chat that goes along with visiting the sellers and buyers strolling up and down the driveway. And why shouldn't she - she's retired! Since our youngest was 2 1/2 when we moved to a new city, only our other three have been educated by her in the art of garage sale-ing. They look forward to trips to grandma's, easily convincing her to stop at every thrift shop and garage sale in the city limits. They squeal with glee when they come home from a visiting Grandma and dump out bags of one eyed stuffed animals, Transformers and  scuffed Super soakers.  We recently discovered that we have a major generational-relational gap since our move.  Our youngest, now 5 1/2 went along with Dad to the hardware store when dad decided to stop at a neighborhood garage sale. Our little guy looked at the driveway and remarked, "Aww Dad, I don't wanna look at that stuff!" 


  1. LOL!

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Oh, I do love garage sales. Since we moves outside of the city now though I do not get to go as much. It is different when some grow up around a grandparent and others don't. All my boys except my youngest remember my dad for instance. He passed away when my youngest was only a few months old. So, Jase has no memories of say being spoon fed brown sugar lol.

  3. How funny! I remember when my daughter was little, she loved going to garage sales with her own money...