Thursday, July 22, 2010

Calling in the Creator.......

Dear God,
     Since you created me, is there any chance you might have an extra set of ears I could have? One set is just not enough. If I had four ears I could hear all of my children talking to me at once. And if it's okay, could I have an extra set of eyes - the kind with xray vision? That way I would see things like the door on the other side of the van closing on my son's fingers - and I'd see if his older (nemesis)brother ignored it or really didn't see it slowly rolling closed. Oh, and I'd also like to know if you have some extra arms laying around? They don't have to be my petite size - I'll take the extra long ones. That way I can do things like separate two boys while band-aiding another and finish making a sandwich with the other. And one last little request, I'd really appreciate it if I could have an extra brain - one that already has a law degree and a psychology degree? Then I'd be able to settle the squabbles and know for sure who was telling the truth and who fudged. Thanks God!


  1. Dear God:
    while you're at it, I'll have what she's having, please.

    Jenn :)

  2. Awesome!
    I would like to place a request for a super high speed metabolisim that would allow me to eat as much fried food and soft serve as I could take without gaining an ounce. How about that one?

  3. In my opinion, all very reasonable requests! :) I would love the ability to see through walls so I don't actually have to go check on the darlings all the time. Instead, I could stare off and be reassured they are playing like perfect little angels!

  4. LOL that's a pretty awesome mother's prayer. I guess that's why moms develop super powers, like eyes in the back of the head, and ESP, mind-reading abilities and super-hearing. Those are my super powers anyway, you may have different ones.

  5. I need extra hands along with those extra ears...shoot just double me and let me boss the other me around all day and then I would be set! :0 hehe

  6. Dear Lord,
    Please answer my sister's prayer and while you're at it, remember me."

    Leah, you are brilliant!