Saturday, January 5, 2013

Techy Stuff

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     Here's a fun techy-thing I learned at the Montana Teacher's Conference from Mrs. Fleming from Billings Public Schools: 

Making QR codes. 

     What's a QR Code? It's those square dot-boxes we are seeing on packaging. What do they do? If you have a Smartphone, you can load an app that is a Scan reader and instead of typing long web addresses like mine, you can just scan it in and BOOM! You are on the page. Kids are so fast at picking this up, teachers use it to get their attention during lessons. I used it to make a "techy" birthday card for my husband. I had him scan in one and it played a funny birthday song from Hoops and Yoyo, another took him to a page I made that looked like a birthday card (you have to make a page in a "public" folder for this one).  Mrs. Fleming had a great idea to  print these out and hang them around the school for a fun scavenger hunt. 

To make your own - You can go onto , copy a web-page address and paste it into the box that starts with http:// and click download QR code. It will go into your downloads folder on your computer or iPad and then you can print it out. To read it, I use the ATT Code Scanner for my phone, but here's one for anything starting with an "i" . (iPad/iPhone). You can even scan the QR code that's on this screen!

What other ways can you think of using these?  Contests at work? Sharing Skype addresses? 



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