Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Techy-Stuff

I have one more thing I learned from Mrs. Fleming at the Montana Teachers' Conference - 

Augmented Reality - ooooooo makes me think of Total Recall! 

No really, like the Morris Lessmore book app I posted on, you can mix what you are seeing with digital enhancement. Why? Why not?!

If you are fortunate enough to have a $20 bill, you can download Aurasma for free to your Smartphone or iPad and use it to scan in the image on the back of the bill and watch it come to life!  You have got to see this technology.

 Someday, you'll be at a national monument and see the 
and wonder what it's all about. You'll be thinking, okay - I see a statue of a guy but don't want anyone around me to know that I don't know my history. Hmmm, what if I grab the free Aurasma app and scan in this A real quick while everyone is taking pictures and maybe it will tell me. It will not only tell you - it will make it happen in 3-d and everyone around you will be begging for a turn with your phone. Apparently you can even be the one to create one - wouldn't THAT be fun?!

Thanks Mrs. Fleming


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