Friday, February 10, 2012

SQEEEEE!!! Look what surprise came in the mail today...

It's the ARC for Kate Kaynak's Operative - book 5 in the Ganzfield series!  I am so excited - what a fantastic way to celebrate Valentine's week coming up with reading about Maddie and Trevor. I have missed them! 

With the semester in full swing, I'm going to have to do some serious time management to sneak it in. Hmmm, I can pencil in next Tues morning, next Thursday morning and during my long break between classes on Friday and DEFINATELY tonight........Can't wait!

If you have not read any of the series, you have GOT to grab a copy of Minder - you will not be able to wait for the second book. I promise. (click here to read my raving review of Minder)

 Thanks so much Kate for remembering me!


  1. I havent heard of the series. Sounds good. Will look for it!