Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to take a trip...Lit-er-ally!

One of the benefits of being a college student is the requirement of Technology Education - I get to have professional instruction in everything tech - WAHOO!  Last class, our instructor brought out his finest tools for us to learn to use for our future students and all you lit-lovers out there are in for a treat.

How would you like to take a walk through your story?  Story happens in England it 1700? That's okay, you can walk through the modern day Google Earth and see many of the same streets and monuments in the story. Want to get the layout for Homer's Oddesy? Or maybe you want to shock and awe your kindergartner with your own story-time adventure. You can do all that on Google Lit Trips and more. Want to see older images of that area? Want to see what the lighting is at that time of day? Check it out!

Some of these trips are created by students using GoogleMaps. Some are created by adult lovers of literature who have even included study guides and activities, video clips and links to purchase a copy of the book. The setup instructions are very well written,easy to follow and best of all, FREE.


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