Thursday, February 9, 2012

The birth of a muse.......

     I love learning where authors get their inspiration. This week I was reading on From the TBR pile about how Susan Kaye Quinn was working on writing an amazing paragraph for a contest. And that paragraph  became the starter for Open Minds which I just started and am blown away by page nine.

     I know my inspiration is out there, just waiting to catch me off guard. Some day I'm going to write an amazing children's fantasy. I just need to crack that door to my imagination. Maybe I just needed someone to make me stand in front of that door. My art class instructor assigned us a mask making project. Not just to assemble cardboard and paint it but to explore its purpose and meaning. While I was painting and gluing, I couldn't help but create a personality for her and a back story. Here's a snippet from my presentation.

     the Fairy Queen of What-if-ia.

     She creates and spreads adventurous tales. Within the cloud of fairy dust spread by her magic pencil, she sprinkles the minds of children with wonder and speaks to the infantile-hearted with a whisper when she reveals the answers to their “What if’s”

     The reason I created her is because most of the surroundings in my life are symmetrical and I wanted to explore an asymmetrical shape. Also I wanted to represent my dream of writing fictional stories for children. I struggle with releasing my creative ideas and thought that a mask would protects my actual self from judgment and allow my creative side to flow.

Maybe she'll get me started on that first book..............

Who or what is your muse?


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