Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pat, I would like to buy a....prompt!

     The big question is: How does a writer cross over to the creative side?

     I've been "writing" for nearly five years. But writing what? Academic papers.(exciting, no?) I can pound out a persuasive essay or 12 page expository piece on a topic I went into knowing nothing about and get a perfect score. Honestly, I have some papers that have so much collegiate jargon that I think my brain was in another realm when I wrote it and it came back down to reality and I can't even understand it anymore!  The professors eat it up, but really those are just assignments to make me learn about topics, so I guess it's worth it.

     As I'm wrapping up my degree, I noticed a big hole in my education. 
Where's the creativity? 

I had ONE art/music class - ONE. Not once was I asked to write creatively. NEVER? What's going on here?  They tell us that creative thinkers are the ones getting the jobs, but they never foster our creativity.

     So now what? How do I cross that bridge to creative writing? Where do I start?

Workshops? Should I spend the money and take a post-grad class just to flex my wings? Truthfully, I've been thinking about diving into a Master's program for creative writing, but how can I know if I have any talent if I haven't even started writing?

 Prompts anyone??


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