Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic musings from the public library.....

     Why, oh why, did I forget my phone today!  I only wish I could attach a video clip of the view from the library window. If you've ever heard of Heather McPhee (google Sochi Olympics), you would know that Olympians come from Bozeman, MT sometimes. And quite possibly, I am watching an Olympic hopeful right now. There's a guy within view of the library window skiing UPHILL at a break-neck speed and doing jumps off of a hill in the park. How is he going so fast uphill?  I wonder if there's a downhill slope where he's starting out? Anyhow - awesome!

     And speaking of the Olympics - If anyone cares for the opinion of an average person in this valley - No, Bozeman does NOT want to host the Winter Olympics in 12 years so hopefully they will forgive the citizens of our little city at the base of Big Sky Resort for not being good hosts.

     And I really miss laughing-guy. I wish he was here today, because this warmer weather has brought in a whole slough of 420's and I couldn't even take the elevator for fear of suffocating from toxic air. I hauled my  heavy ol' backpack, stack of books in my arm and extra bag with laptop up two flights of stairs tripping on my skirt all the way. Once I got situated up there, I was surrounded.  It's all for the better though, now that I moved back downstairs I can see the uphill skier out the window.  

Is there an Olympic category for freestyle uphill skiing?


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