Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Blogversary RWRB!

Today is Reading, Writing, Raisin' Boys' 3rd Blog-versary! Yay!! Let the confetti fly!!

   While a few bloggers are moving to Wordpress, some are turning to other forms of social media, and some are re-evaluating blogging at all - I am here to celebrate. I am HERE. I haven't moved and I plan to stick it out until RWRB gets too big for Blogger and is forced to move (not even close yet).

     What do I get out of blogging? Why take time out of my busy, busy life with school, kids to raise, and job?

That's the best question ever!

Here's what:

     I've had a chance to practice my writing. Writing for an audience (even if no one reads it) is way different than just writing in a journal. It holds me accountable for my writing. It's got to be interesting. It's got to involve the reader. It's got to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. 

     I've had a chance to hear about and promote some of the most fantastic books that may not be getting out there in the hands of readers without word-of-mouth.  Small publishers are my favorite!  The Ganzfield Series published by Spencer Hill Press has been the most exciting of all to share.  Hopefully, Kate Kaynak will release the next book, Soulmate,  before I go nuts wondering about Maddie and Trevor.

     I've learned so much about writing from other bloggers. Authors are so generous in sharing their writing tips. It's like a mini-conference at my fingertips.

     It's a place to share my overflow of babble where people have the choice to tune in-or tune out. For me, I like that better than Facebook status updates. No one has to "unfriend" me if they tire of my incessant chatter.

     Best of all - the people I've met through blogging. This past three years of RWRB has opened the doors to meeting writers, bibliophiles, mom-bloggers, and random people I may never have know I had anything in common with- without the blogging (theirs and mine)

     I hope you all stick with me for this next exciting year. Soon to come: A new genre for me - Contemporary Romance. Also, the British-Lit tour and Mom-Mondays will continue (although the boys have been a bit private lately so it's occasional that I post about them). Here's looking forward to another great year!


  1. Congratulations on three years!! Hope you have many more :).