Monday, April 30, 2012

Mom Monday - Lawn Ornaments

     So, I was recently on the receiving end of some parenting criticism. Now that my kids are older and play dates are few and far between, I rarely receive outright criticism from other parents. Someone recently made repeated comments about my sons' bikes and skateboards being all over the front lawn and how they should be disciplined in the same way that this person was taught to keep bikes and things put up - by throwing them away.

Lovely, yes!
     Ummm, okay - maybe this person had very little freedom or fun in life but I'm okay with it. No, I don't enjoy stepping over bikes or having to move skate rails off the driveway before I can park, but every time I see those things I am reminded of wisdom handed down to me by older generations. To those who want to raise kids in sterile homes and pristine yards where lawns are for looking at know this: 

Love them enough to let them? Yes!
     I do enjoy seeing my kids put their things in their places. However, the day that the bikes and skateboards are no longer strewn about, will be a sad day that my children have grown and no longer feel that freedom to hop on a bike, pedal away and back, hop off and run in the house to tell me about their adventure.
      I am thankful that I have healthy children that can ride things on two wheels, hop on skate rails, and shoot hoops. I am thankful that I live in a place where a bike left in a yard remains a bike left in a yard and not a "missing bike". Most of all I am thankful for the women who passed down advice like, "I know they are giving you trouble today, but be thankful that they are healthy enough to dish it out!"



  1. My kiddo's bike and stuff is always left outside too! And actually, OTHER neighborhood kids' bikes as well! LOL
    I'm a neatfreak but in someways I enjoy seeing that stuff about. I like having a young, active and healthy neighborhood too. :)
    And if that's your worst problem, I say you're doing all right. LOL

  2. I am thankful that I live in a place where a bike left in a yard remains a bike left in a yard and not a "missing bike this right here