Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dystopia - where did it start?

      Everybody loves a catastrophe - why is that? Why is it that most of the hit movies in the past few years have been about surviving major changes in things like environment, alien invasion, government restructuring, etc. For some reason it really gets peoples attention and gets people to read and buy movie tickets.
    Previously, I linked to a YouTube video  made by a high school student about the Hunger Games .  I found that video after I made this one for my Technology class. Eerily similar. I got stuck using MovieMaker on PC rather than the fancy-schmancy Imovie on the Mac - hence the distorted sound. If it bothers you, turn it down and just enjoy the video. It was a challenge to make, but oh, so cool!

 Introducing my "get kids to read by hooking them on a genre" video:



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