Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Somebody needs to invent.......

a peanut butter and jelly maker! We are up to 6 PB&J's per day (including mine) around here. Even though I had the kids making their own lunches, they seem to be having "emergencies" every morning (just remembered a homework assignment - no time to pack lunch, etc) So here I am, getting that "didn't I do this yesterday?" feeling on a daily basis. I think this calls for an appliance. I want to stick in a loaf of bread, jar of jelly and jar of peanut butter, push a button and "ding" out pops six sammys! And just because we love PB&J's so much.....This one's for Josh - who was this guy for Halloween:

Now tell me you won't be singing THAT all day!............Peanut Butter Jell-AY....Peanut Butter Jell-AY.............Peanut Butter Jell-AY



  1. You are too funny! Now I have this in my

    Hey, I am hosting a Home for the Holidays Book Challenge. I hope you can join me!

    Maria @ A Blooming Spirit

  2. Glad you had some fun with it! I'll be checking out your book challenge! Leah