Friday, September 16, 2011

Three Billy Goat's Gruff - Reality version

Homework!HOMEWORK!hoooommmmmwork! I always forget how much the teachers send home with third graders. It's such a shock to a post-second grader to have both assigned daily and weekly homework and leftover homework from their school day. Wyatt is capable of finishing quickly, but prefers arguing to do it later. Yeah, that's way more fun - right?
Friday morning rolls around and there's no more wiggle room. There was procrastination, complaining about the timing, yelling at his brothers to quit bugging him, pleading and tears, and so on. In a household like ours, there is no quiet space - in every inch and every two minutes a boy pops up and starts making clicking and tapping sounds.  Once again I've been titled the mean-mom, cruel in my intentions to make him read aloud. What to do, what to do?

Take the story and make it relative. Once upon a time there were three billy goats. (hmmmm, sound familiar? I bet there was another billy goat somewhere playing Bakugon). The littlest billy goat, Wyatt, wanted to cross the bridge to eat grass on the other side. He convinced the mean old troll to let him pass because his older brother, Dustin, would be much more filling. (Hehe, I saw the tiniest smirk on Wyatt's face). The troll lets the billy goat pass and then the next older billy goat says almost the same thing, "Let me pass and you will be much more full when my older brother, Josh, crosses." Meanwhile, the real Josh just finished yelling at Wyatt to quit compaining about homework. So the oldest billy goat, defensive lineman-Josh, with the big horns butts the troll in the stomach and he lands in the water.

I think I even saw a smile on Wyatt's face. Score 1 for mom...that is, unless I'm the troll saying, "You can't pass until you do your homework!"


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