Tuesday, September 13, 2011

If time flies.....

......August must have been sprinked with pixie dust laced with Red Bull!

August was such a blur of work(too many shifts), fun and family - I want a Do-Over!  I want to re-route that jet and re-live the month of August.

My mom came for a week (Hi Mom!) and we whooped it up: Hot Springs, visited local towns and once again Virginia & Nevada cities, bookstore, lunch out, Manhattan Potato Festival  and school supply shopping.

       , I'll take the top level privy thank-you-very-much!

I turned 40 - well, my body did- the little girl in me turned 12 and wanted to go see Cowboys and Aliens
....and I most certainly want to go see that again! Cowdudes 'n technology - oh Yeah!

While my kids and husband were camping I got an unbelievably awesome new dog - he does tricks (bang-he's dead, goes down the slide), has manners and rings a bell to be let out to go potty - did I say he's awesome? Even my older boxer thinks he's okay and she's despizes all K-9's.

We celebrated our 21st anniversary by taking the canoe down the Madison river and I caught this nice trout

But it was so SHIIIINNNYYYY!!

Anyone else up for a do-over?
Now, if I could just freeze time in September I will know what became of the six Loriens and Mogs in The Power of Six...


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