Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wrapping up summer was much harder this year. The boys just didn't want it to end. Possibly because the last part of the summer was their most fun-filled. Camping in Idaho with cousins, running all over MT with me and my mom, Hot Springs, Tubing down the river. Next year we will have to do all that in July so we can slowly work our way from being freebirds of summer to students again.

So far the score is 2/2. Youngest and oldest liking school and middle boys hating it. One has been sick,missing three days and refusing to do make-up work. My older middle son's teacher called to see how things were going. I hated to tell her the truth but that's why she called - I told her he wasn't enthused at all, but that he did like her reading class better than the one they moved him to. She moved him back to her class, progress was made but still, I hated to lay that on her.

I can't believe what a shock it's been to everyone to get back to the books. Including me! I have a stack of fabulous fiction novels I got for my birthday-teasing me that they are bursting with entertainment should I ever be caught up with school work......

How do you and your kids make the transition?


  1. Thursday morning Bridger didn't want to get out of bed. He said "I just wanna stay home and watch tv! " Oh, how I wanted to say, "Okay! Let's do it!" But instead I had to say, "Just two more days and we get a 3-day weekend!" Y'all hang in there.

  2. That sounds like a good idea to do all the fun vacationing in July so you can slow down as the summer is over. I think that transitioning is hard for everyone. However, routine is great and comforting. Enjoy the birthday books! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  3. We are not quite there yet - facing a bout of flu in the two younger boys. Nothing but Spongebob while they lay on the couch and sip Gatorade - Both alternating days of sickness. I am missing as much school as they are and it's only the second week!