Friday, August 5, 2011

My Young Eagle's are soaring!

After a year of waiting and Dustin counting the days, the 34th Annual Three Forks Fly is under way (click purple for video). Since only one of my children has ever been in an airplane I jumped at the chance to get them involved in the Young Eagle's Association. We joined a group of young enthusiasts and some kid-loving pilots ready to take their first flights free of charge. When they landed, to my surprise, Josh had a HUGE grin and said "She let me fly it!" And sure enough he's logged his first 30 minutes in his Pilot Training log book.

Dustin has been wanting to be a pilot for a few years now and I've been saving up for him to take a flight in the the most fabulous antique airplane - the 1928 Travel Air. We even managed to save up for a few more of our clan to go along. ( click link above if you want to see this plane in action)

He let Dustin have the front co-pilot spot and when they landed - would you believe he said HE got to fly it?! I can't believe he trusted my 12 year old to control his nearly 100 year old pristine aviation machine.

I don't think my sons will care that they missed the rides at the fair this year - this was an amazing experience they will never forget. Small aircraft pilots are such friendly, fun-loving, trusting people. I can see it now, Dustin flying loop-de-loops in his cropduster......


  1. That is awesome that you are giving them their wings so young.
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    I need some new followers - Thanks,Mark

  2. What an experience these boys will never forget! And the pilots too. You may have just changed their futures. You are such a good mom to make this happen! Remind them the next time they squeal "But you never let me do ANYYYYYTHINGGGGG!"