Sunday, August 1, 2010

To Watch a Dream Forming

Last Friday, I took the four boys a small town airport nearby to a "Fly In". My older/middle son loves airplanes so much he's planning to be a pilot. He even plans to own an airplane one day and talks about saving up for one. We arrived during their slow time and many of the pilots were sitting under their wings in the shade - all willing to talk about planes, flying, airplane maintenance with my son. My favorite pilot team took the time to explain how to build a career in aviation, how to use the military to get training and his pilot's license. The look on his face every time he got in a cockpit for a photo was priceless!  The entire event was one of those wonderful parenting moments that I have the privilege of experiencing. Even though I make lots of jokes about parenting all the time, this was one of those exciting moments for me as a mom - none of them fought or even touched a plane without permission. Next year we'll go back and get him on the list for a flight in his favorite plane - the 1928 Travel Air
This pilot takes passengers for $25 each!


  1. How amazing that you get the chance to watch and foster his dream. How wonderful that you are doing your best to foster his love for airplanes!

  2. Thanks for the comment Kathleen! It is one of those Mommy-high moments!

  3. First of all, $25 is cheap!

    I love it when we get to share in our child's dreams...sweet story.

  4. Oh, Leah, I'm so glad that your excursion turned out so memorable! I love how you try to nurture each childs individual passions. Good mama.