Friday, August 13, 2010

Literally, just a month ago, he taught him to ride the bike without the training wheels

So often I forget to teach the younger ones things we taught the older ones when they were even younger. That's what the older brothers are gifted in - knowing when to let the little birdies spread their wings...

Of course I did e-mail picts to my husband at work, knowing he couldn't do anything about it and (shhh! I also let my older son whack down a huge weed with a hunting knife!)


  1. oh wow, so this is what I have to look forward to with two boys??! Cute pics, but I'm sure you were nervous?! My cousins all rode dirt bikes for a while and I never went to see them because I knew I was in store for it myself with my oldest son! Found you on the Nestwork! New follower!

  2. No, not nervous. I kept saying, "It's about time!" I like to get them out there doing guy stuff. Their dad is the more cautious one! Wait till you see my next post....

  3. Good job Dakota! He is so lucky to have a big brother (or 3) to teach him! Cute pic with the Oldest and the Youngest.