Saturday, August 28, 2010

Adversary Review - ***** Loved it!

Kate Kaynak's sequel to Minder, Adversary detailed the battle of the Ganzfield superpowers against their most evil, powerful and relentless adversary - Isaiah Lerner.  The battles in the book were so intense and fascinating with all the superpowers it literally made me grip the book and fear for the characters. Kate Kaynak's imagery is so strong I felt like I was in the room and at the same time seeing things happening with other characters.  Once again, she managed to mix an intense action/paranormal story with the elements of quirkiness, romance, and effects of superpowers in romantic situations, like the swimming pool scene. So refreshing and fun!

Being the second book in the series I feared that Trevor, Maddies soulmate, might be removed from the story somehow to create motivation or angst in Maddie, but was so pleased that he remains in this story and together they develop an new and intense ability that amazes even Dr. Williamson. I cannot wait to see what they will do with it in Legacy,the third Ganzfield novel. Other characters were developed more fully in this sequel that made me really care about them like Rachel and Sean, and Maddies mother! I can't wait to see her in Legacy - Go Mom!

Maddie grows stronger and braver personally and with her abilities through each chapter, but at the same time aware of her  own weaknesses, helping her to cover the faults of others around her with kindness. Anyone would be blessed to have friends like Maddie and Trevor - even if they had to ask for some "space" once in a while!  If you haven't read Minder yet, I recommend you take a weekend to read it and have a copy of Adversary handy because you are going to want to jump right into it. You've done it again Kate! How do you know what readers are thinking?

I rate this ***** (5stars)

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Thanks again for the cameo of Aunt Leah and the Adversary ARC, Kate!


  1. *huge grin*

    Thanks for reviewing, Leah!

  2. I really loved it! So, does that mean Aunt Leah can throw a fireball?

  3. I actually backstoried Aunt Leah as an RV. It's a really useful skill for moms--you always know where your kids are. :)

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I think it's my favorite so far, although I hope that Legacy will be at the same level.

  4. What a great blog you have. I found your blog through Mama's Little Nestwork and I can't wait to read more. I'm your newest follower.


  5. RV! Sweet! That will so come in handy when they get their drivers licenses! Adversary was INTENSE! I posted the same reviews on B&N and Goodreads. Let me know if I am overlooking anywere I could drop some *****'s for Adversary!

    Welcome Jill!