Sunday, August 8, 2010

From Dedication to Baptism

Wow , it's been 12 years since we had Josh dedicated at Faith Chapel. I remember it like yesterday! It was Superbowl Sunday, 1998 and Pastor Stan was commenting that Josh was probably not only rooting for the Packers - he was "gonna BE a Packer!" because at 1 1/2 he was a pretty BIG boy. Fast forward 12 years, Josh is now 13 and made his decision today to be baptised. I was upstairs at church whooping it up with the little ones and teaching them about Noah's Ark and at the end of class my husband informed me that Josh wanted to be baptized today at the Pastor's pond with the others.

 I put him through the the whole "are you sure you are not doing this to impress your friends?" routine. I tested him thoroughly, told him he couldn't even ask if his friends would be there - even said he had to approach the pastor himself and proclaim his readiness and he headed right for him. The baptism was like being surrounded by family members declaring their allegiance to uphold their brothers and sisters, like we should all be wearing our "plaids" like the Scott's. I have a picture of the three pastors in the water with him and think of the future he will have with his dad and these three men guiding him. Then a huge thunderstorm threatened to interfere- with gusting winds, water rippling, thunder, and a huge drop in temperature but we just kept our focus until the last person was immersed. It was the most memorable baptism ever!


  1. Nice blog! Thanks for sharing. Baptism is really a very memorable event and it is one of the events that we need to cherish as Christians/Catholics.

  2. I wish I could have been there along with your church family. I hope your former pastor hears about this success story (and the football references)! Love Angie