Friday, August 6, 2010

Reverting to Nerdism

Returning to college? Need help getting ready for your big day? Here's how to be (ask me how I know) the worlds biggest nerd:

Step 1: Carry a briefcase. Not just any briefcase, your husband's briefcase with the little Swiss Army emblem. Add an extra tote with a handle, because you really need the little calculator in it for the placement exam. All those 18 year olds will be jealous of your trend-setting bag, ditch their backpacks and run to the nearest thrift-store to get their very own "case". 

Step 2: Wear a non-breathable shirt especially on the hottest day of the year. If you forget, you can always go to the student store and purchase one and fyi - they DO sell deoderant (ask me how I know)

Step 3: Wear your cutest pair of brand new shoes - preferrably the stiffest and leave the band-aids at home. It's way cooler to hobble over to the clinic and ask for some.

These steps have been tested and proven true. When the day finally ends, and you limp out to your car or minivan, you may be rewarded by your peers- I found THIS on my minivan windshield.


  1. Epilogue: fortunately, I took online classes. Hopefully no one will remember me when I return next month!

  2. LOL! This is too funny! Hey there, found you through Mama's Little Nestwork - now following you! Come visit me at

    Have a great day!

  3. Loved the shoe comment...yes true.

  4. LOL! I know I felt like a big nerd when I went back to school and was ten years older than everyone. Sigh. But no one can stop the love of Lisa Frank one!

  5. Don't you wish Suzie was near to take you school shopping before the big day? She always made us proud to march around with our new clothes and supplies on the first week. - Angie