Friday, January 17, 2014

I'm still here! What have I been up to???

Well, so much of this........
Or in my case, cooking and helping with their homework....

This would be a welcome from
Phi Kappa Phi Honor society
for  making the top
10%  of MSU Seniors!
That this happened.......

That would be a congrats from the Pres
for a 4.0 semester

                   And this...........

     And a nomination for an award for Excellence in the Dept. of Education at the college.

     Half of my boys are nearly men and I am savoring the two younger boys' elementary years. We are all about snowboarding, Duck Dynasty, 4X4's and Minecraft now.

What does all this mean??  My life is FULL, FULL, FULL!  But it's all good!

    And the blog? In case you are wondering if I went by the wayside....I have not.  Just this morning I was having my coffee and "a Stumble" ( and read this amazing article written by John Scalzi, a seasoned writer, to teenager/future published writers (I sat that because all people can be writers- just some get paid!). He was giving advice about all the things he did when he was young that helped him even though at the time they seemed lame.  It was like a letter to himself as a teen. It made me really miss my blogging time. 

     So, what do I do with my one class-free/homework-infused day while my kids are away? I work on my blog layout.....ALL....DAY..... It was not funny - I've been through two internet providers and any blogger knows you have to use your PAID internet email to log into Blogger (or so it has been this way and I was mid-change). What happens? I get nuttin'. I mean no blog, just my sign in on Google. I panicked! All those years of blogging and I get BLANK?  I kept trying combinations of sign-ins while my heart was pounding thinking all was lost.

     And then it happened!  My temporary layout popped up and I got in.  Do you think I was productive after that?  Well, nope! I spent the next few hours trying to find a good, free layout. I'm still looking so feel free to suggest. I even started looking at some that come with a price because I just really need this to fit me like my best pair of flats. 

So, pop by and drop my a comment - I miss everyone and I need something to get me through my last semester of classes!




  1. Welcome back! Congrats on all of your school success! Sounds like the end is near. :)