Friday, September 20, 2013

What do you know about "stuff"?

     One thing's for sure in Bozeman, people embrace sustainability. That's a big word for not adding or taking from the earth, just borrowing what's replaceable. Or another way to describe it is nurturing plants because they give us oxygen, or living off the grid, or solar energy panels to heat water.  So often lately I see more and more projects being tested out. People drive around in a corn oil powered bus and d eliver vegetables from their garden. Or bike a load of compost somewhere. Even this week, I had to giggle when suddenly a guy dropped out of a tree by the road with an armload of apples. I even see the students at school picking crab apples. 
     So, what motivates them? What would make you climb a tree to get a apple by the road you are biking on rather than drive your car to the store, put one in a plastic bag, and have that bag put into a shopping bag for you to take back to your car?? It's movies like this one. I've been wanting to share it for awhile. In October there will be another one called The Story of Solutions.  It's such a relief to know we can think about solutions and not just the problem.

Will you think of this video next time you are shopping?


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