Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day two free from captivity:

 It's over - whew!  I think I have some form of Post-Semester-Stress-Confusion because I can't seem to find my bearings! At least now I can say last semester now. Last semester was a combination of abstract math and literacy instruction overload. At least I can say based on my math and statistics grades I was challenged (anything less than an A- I consider challenging).

     I don't even remember signing up for Language of Math - I thought I took the fun math course that involves math puzzles. After all, these are extra courses for my minor - not core classes. I have a feeling my adviser put me up to it. Halfway through the course I told her I didn't want to take Language of Math II and she replied, "There is no follow up course - you're in it!" So now I can say I'm bilingual - I speak English and Math. I'll be the life of all the parties talking about negations and contrapositives. Not even Blogspot's spell-check knows what that last word is.
     As for my literacy course, I  learned some great writing tips and even broke some writing rules and got away with it. Still, what I'm most proud of accomplishing is being qualified to teach kids to read. Now that I treasure - even though the workload was enough to choke a hippopotamus from top to bottom-us! Anyone up for Dr. Seuss?

    So, now I am getting ready for the British Literature and Arts trip, and still feel like I have no idea what to do with my day. Which one of my personalities do I follow - Mary or Martha? Clean the house or live it up? Where's my syllabus for summer break?

     Missing: bearings. Last seen bouncing around following course outlines and completing crazy numberless math problems and research papers. Please post if found!



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