Thursday, December 27, 2012

Did I just fulfill a global prophecy?

Hey Bloggy-World! I have missed you!! I am recovering from a very exhausting semester - but IT'S ALL GOOD because I had TWO literature classes and I am now "edge-u-mucated" in Young Adult literature and Children's literature - my TWO favorite things.  Hopefully I can share what I learned about strategies and choosing quality books and maaaybe I'll share link to my Literacy Strategies website I created.  Onto the good stuff.....the B-L-O-G.

    First off, I have to thank Susan Kaye Quinn, author of the amazing Mindjack Trilogy for the email suggesting some fantastic and FREE newer titles available in e-books. Somehow I got carried away and now have 26 new FREE ebooks! Visit Susan's Blog

And that brings me to my deep-thinking, question of the order of the universe.......

If I downloaded a free e-copy of H.G. Wells' Time Machine 

did I just fulfill a prophecy?

Remember this bookshelf???

EEERRRRIEEE!  (click to cue creepy music)

Have you ever had that happen??  Ever fall down a well and send your dog for help?


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