Friday, July 27, 2012

Heloooo Hastings!

So, I've been lamenting the closing of Borders Book Store for a year now. Finally, one of the boys told me about  his trip to Hastings when he was away at Grandma's. Finding ourselves in a time crunch and in desperate need of books for one of the middle boys, we decided to brave the decrepit shopping center Hastings is in. 

Can I say , WOW! Coffee shop, no crowds, tons of space for the family to spread out and all those novelties to keep the boys busy while I hang out in the teen/paranormal section. The only drawback is lack of the newest releases, but that can be dealt with.

They the best surprise of all: The Discount Membership for Educators/Education majors SWEEET! 25% off  books baby!

Not only that, you can pretty much put this kinda stuff on in there and the employees are likely to join you ........



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