Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bad reviews

What is it about bad reviews that gets my attention? Is it just curiosity like when you pass a car wreck? Or is there something more? Why do I care if someone didn't like a book? I try to read books that readers I'm familiar with recommend (Goodreads/Blogs/Friends). I usually LOVE the books I read. But once in awhile, a book takes a wrong turn or just isn't coming together for me and I wonder if it was me.

Did I just not get it? Did others love it and only I missed the point? That's when I find myself digging into reviews to see if anyone else noticed something was off. What's to be gained from it? I guess in the interest of writing someday, knowing what went wrong is a valuable tool. If I really, really hate the writing, I won't blog about it - there's nothing to be gained in the blogging world when someone tears a writer apart. I will write about ones I'm on the fence about or ones that had some really good aspects and some I didn't care for.

Still, when I see a one star review written by someone I respect, it gets my attention. What about you?


  1. Bad ones do get my attention but I read them with an open mind and try to judge whether I would feel the same based on the reviewer's reasons.
    Sometimes that happens to me when I read something I didn't like and everybody else does. I think, IS IT ME? :)