Thursday, December 22, 2011

All I want for Christmas is.... Amazon Giftcard

I'm so excited!  I just learned about Amazon's Textbook Buyback. What an awesome way to treat yourself after a gruelling semester!  I forgot to bring one of my books back to the college buyback day and would be stuck with it until the end of next semester in hopes of selling it back - that is IF they didn't switch to a newer edition. A friend at work told me that Amazon buyback prices are better than the schools as long as you don't mind receiving an Amazon gift card instead of cash - what? Mind? Bring it!

So this morning I gave it a shot and the online trade in was so simple and had free shipping pick up. I took a minute to check out their other trade in options for regular books, but it looks like unless you have a boxed set most are only worth a dollar or two.(darn) But, if you are a student they even have an app for you to buy, sell and compare prices of textbooks by scanning in the bar code with their phone. No more wondering if you are getting ripped off in the campus book store!

I can't wait for my giftcard to arrive - I feel like Santa's going to pay me a visit this year, too!

What other great ways are there to swap books? Paperback Swap, Goodreads, any others?


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