Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where oh Where oh Where is Martha?

She's been MIA for MONTHS now! Send out an All Points Bulletin....When I started this blog I opened by discussing life-balance using the example of Mary and Martha in the Bible. Martha was a get-er-done kinda gal, obsessed with the meal preparations, while Mary chose to sit and visit with Jesus. He commended Mary for making the right choice. Mary gained knowlege and relationship with him, while Martha huffed and complained about her laziness. This year I embraced my inner Mary. I took on a team leader role in Kids' Ministry at church, returned to college, continued my night job, stayed connected and involved with my sons' sports and education, learned to blog, and started a bath accessory business. My mind swirld with new experiences, new friends, new passions in life.  However, I reeeealy miss that ol' Martha somedays. I wish she'd make an appearance and return my home to what it once was - filled with the sights and sounds of the whirring of a (working) vacuum, sparkling windows, radiant floors and dust free ceiling fans. Just for a day or two I'd love to wake up with that burst of energy and motivation I used to have to get a shine on everything (when completing the task was fulfilling).  Where's Martha?......I think I've killed her!


  1. I hear ya! When I do get motivated to clean, I get more discouraged the minute the Kool-Aid is spilled on the just-mopped floor. What a good mom you are though. Always taking care of yours and others.