Friday, June 4, 2010

Someone needs to invent a logbook for moms............

I mean, my brother is a truck driver and HE get's a DOT logbook that states that after 9 hours he HAS to shut down. Albeit, he runs nonstop those entire nine, rarely eating or stopping for a bathroom break, but still the law is on his side. He just spent a mandatory 31 hr break with me to keep legal. I'm running on my weekly recurring- two days of 4 1/2 hrs sleep as usual and awaiting me is a must-do project today, a homemade chicken pot pie in the making, a must-see 3hr baseball tournament to attend tonight, and a full day work shift tomorrow, heading up the activity for the kids at church on Sunday and don't have my work schedule for that afternoon yet. I already know what's in store in the next hour when the kids come home from their last day of school - one son needs a ride to a sleepover, one is demanding requesting that I cut his hair because it's on the calendar, one has to get ready for baseball,and the other is just full of cuteness and requests for cups of milk and slices of cheese and I'm not even including the things they will think up that start with, "Mom, will you...". These are all the wonderful parts of my life that I really do love (no sarcasm there). It's just that ....."I'm out of hours, officer. What, I have to park my rig here until I gain enough hours to get down the road or I'll get a ticket, officer?  "Guess I have no choice, kids....logbooks rule!


  1. Ever start to drift off to sleep at a long red light? I love your idea! I'll vote for it!

  2. I'll write you a ticket for a long, long nap if you write one for me:)