Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fear of the dental Gestopo?

When driving or riding in a car, I have seen little boys do improper things like peeing in the grass. I've seen bigger boys do it many a time too. Once at a downtown stoplight, a strange man rushed to my car window and started a goofy dance for my entertainment. I saw a man on a street corner in the ghetto doing something he could get arrested for. Yesterday I saw the oddest thing ever - a nice looking man, standing on the street corner....FLOSSING. Not just, "have lettuce stuck in the front" quick clean up. I'm talking elbows up & out-bottom teeth bared-going for it flossing! Albeit, he was standing around the side of the dentist office. I couldn't help but wonder just what his dentist said to him to put the fear of God in him to get those pearly whites free of debris. Has he just come from the nearby Mexican Food restaurant?Has a crush on the hygienist? What kooky thing have you caught in the corner of your eye when you were driving?


  1. Huge pet peeve-- people engaging in personal hygeine in public!!! aaaargh! We all have bathrooms people. Or cars. Go somewhere private to floss or to clip your nails or clean out your toe jam.

  2. As long as they are not picking their nose and eating it.. I'm all good.

  3. Then I recommend you steer clear of the back windows of my minivan if you are stuck by us at an intersection!