Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Book Review: Hidden by Sophie Jordan

      Lets talk about Firelight series #3 Hidden by Sophie Jordan. 
Firelight is one of my all-time favorite books because who doesn't like to see through the eyes of dragons who morph into human bodies. How about soaring on a draft or breathing a little steam on that mean girl taunting you in the bathroom? They have no hidden agenda except freedom. They want to live with their pride and be able to blend with the humans, but they can't - not with the hunters relentlessly pursuing them. 
     Jacinda already has the pride mad at her for leaving, but even worse, one of the young ones followed her and was captured by a hunter and delivered to their headquarters. Jacinda rallies her sister, her ex-hunter boyfriend Will, her draki sister Tamra, and Cassian, the future king of the pride, to help rescue Miriam.  What they find at the headquarters is shocking: Draki on the brink on insanity locked in cages, men in lab coats, and stainless steel equipment from wall to wall.

     The best part was when they were all released into their "yard" and Jacinda meets the grey - the Megatron of all draki and he's in a bad mood. Sophie Jordan takes it from there with wild character traits and paranormal powers - even the least likely can use their powers to accomplish amazing feats under the incredible pressure. The will to survive takes over and choices have to be made.
     My only complaint about Hidden was that it was over so quickly. I think back and wonder  - do I feel cheated? And the answer is N to-the-O!  It feels more like she wrote a long novel and cut out all the clutter, leaving a story that cuts to the chase and never bores you.  I feel like there's a whole story for her to tell about Deghan "the grey" and Jacinda's sister Tamra. Even if you've never read Firelight, if you like Hunger Games or descriptive tales about dragons with "gossamer wings", or paranormal powers, you will love Hidden.

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 I give Hidden  Photobucketfour stars!
And BONUS!!!  Sophie leaves us with Jacinda's best friend Az in her novella, Breathless


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