Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wish me luck and easy-to-read road signs...

     As Georgia Nicholson would say, "I'm off laughing on a fast camel"
 Or rather, I'm lead-footing it in a minivan with a dirt bike and an dragon for company.

   No, I have not lost my mind, okay, maybe a little. It's time for my August road trip to meet up with my family in Idaho. Last year was a complete FAIL when it came to navigation. Yes I have a GPS, Yes I followed my digital map on my iPad, BUT road signs like R4000 are very confusing when the locals call it the East Ririe Highway. This year I've got a hybrid map with satellite images AND regular highway markings AND a printed map. 


     One of my teenagers has been begging me to bring his dirt bike to the campsite. People, I'm home alone and driving a minivan. Why oh why did the commercial for the Dodge Caravan with Stow-n-Go have two guys on dirt bikes getting picked up by their wives? Even though he was only nine when that
Kinda like this one...
commercial came out, he remembers and I have no excuse. So, what's a mom to do? I got it in there! It's going to be a surprise!  


 The best part about the road trip is listening to Kristin Cashore's audio book Fire again.
I can't wait to listen to  rainbow-haired Fire tell about the dragons and the battles in the seven kingdoms. I need to hear all over again what a scoundrel Briggan is and how he and Fire belong together.  

One more shift at work, and I'm pointing my mini van, south west??? 


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